Technological informalism


Born and raised at the foot of the Montserrat range, surrounded by a magic landscape shaped by volcanic hills and rocks, I was able as a child to imbibe the telluric energy which would later nurture my art work.

My artistic education has been driven by the power of determination and based on experiential learning. I create for pleasure, enjoy the process and learn from the end result. My main inspiration is the natural world. But in my own art work I seek a parallel universe within me, my own inner reality. Initially, I looked for light, edges of colours, reflections on water, sparks in darkness. But for some time now,I have been working directly on matter, trying to capture nature’s  magic touch. My style is the result of merging photography and painting. I explore natural colors and textures to paint pictures. What comes out is neither painting, nor photography. It is the space where color and darkness dance, get entangled and create new shapes and forms.

To keep my senses fit and my creative energy flowing, I rely on a healthy lifestyle.  I run every day like a Pegasus to keep my mind clear, fresh and open. This state allows me to channel the forces emerging from my subconscious world. I have been following this disciplined lifestyle for fifteen years now and it has provided me with the balance, strength and vitality that characterise my work. When I look at those delicate and fragile transparencies and those mysterious depths, I feel I am running through my own anatomy. When I am lucky nature ends up reflecting my own feelings and the pictures become one with my own spirit. This is why I keep obsessively looking for more and more, insatiable in my own quest for the union of body, mind and soul. It feels like flying.

For a long time I worked mainly at night, but then I realized that the limited amount of light was a burden to my eye and to my camera. I then decided to start working in the evenings and noticed that at twilight, before dark, a very similar light could be captured. It felt as if the world had been warmed by a different sun. My work is the work of transformation: the art of transforming what I see into something delicate, sublime and subtle, the mysterious transformation from solid to translucent. In the process I truly believe I am finally finding  my own inner voice. By the way, what is life if not a constant transformation?